At Thorns, our focus is on detail and producing the best quality from our equipment but this is just a small part of what we do. Our vast experience in the print industry means we can assist you to achieve any effect you’re after. We offer a range of services that can make your artwork look one of a kind.

Take advantage of our unbeatable range of business cards

We offer 8 different business card textures. You can add finishing options such as laser cutting,embossed,edge coloring,gold foil,spot uv,die-cut


Factory Direct available!

No hidden fees!

Table covers
Flexible Solution to All of Your Display Needs
Lightweight, Portable and Easy to Assemble
Ez setup & take down
Promotional items
USB,Pens,Water bottle etc.
Trade show Kit
3Sets included
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Teardrop Flags

Blade Flags

Triangle Flags

Pinpoint Flags

Factory Direct available!

No hidden fees!


3000m x 2210mm Curved wall
Arc angle stand


Customized table covers

Fitted table covers

Table toppers

cross over table covers

Stretch table covers

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